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Apropo nothing much

You see. Geeklawyer is an Internet junkie. He has come to this slow dawning realisation. It is a little sad when other geeks, with whom one is on holiday, say “Have you been able to feed your Internet addiction today?”: the said Internet geeks being an uber geek for THE Swiss Internet company, and the guy who, well, keeps Google on the Internet.


While they frolicked in the snow, broke legs on snow boards, drank Gluhwein in the bars Geeklawyer traipsed between Innsbruck Mayrhofen and Hintertux looking for any obliging electron he could find in a dark alley. Many a conversation began “Can you get me to Gmail? or” Money was exchanged promises of an open WiFi point offered “in just a second sir, honest”. To no avail. All Geeklawyer could do was manage a few quick dirty moments with a Yesss GPRS Sim card courtesy of a friend;s unlocked phone. For yes, Geeklawyer had taken a locked phone on holiday. What a total cock. No wonder cheap local data only sims didn’t work.

Geeklawyer did in past years spend the holiday walking up mountains rather than skiing down them and acquired the reputation all Englishmen abroad seek: that of the crazy man. The beer, admiration and gluhwein flowed freely. The Austrian women did not.

But all this is geekery and Geeklawyer must turn the treadmill to entertain his harem. The mysterious unknown No1, who will not deign to comment. The new and luxurious exotic Asian babe Lawgirl the dependant exciting MsR who defines for herself an entire category of sexual adventure: Margaret Thatcher was Jane Austen compared to this lady, and Lady is no lightly awarded epithet. Nor could one fail to mention Geeklawyer’s dependable loyal and devoted Lieutenant.

Tish pish. Geeklawer is drunk and rambling. He has spent the afternoon at a CAMRA beer festival where he behaved disgracefully as did he in a Chinese restaurant afterwards.

He is not apologetic: he is full of the joys of the morphia like joys of the blog. This has not been a classic or worthy post, but it feeds an addiction.

March 8, 2008 - Posted by | This Blog


  1. Ich muss du korrekten…ich bin italienisch. I misspent my youth waking early on sunday mornings to channel 4: trumpton re-runs, trap-door, and of course, transworld sport!

    Comment by Lawgirl | March 9, 2008 | Reply

  2. Ms R was not aware she was one of GL’s dependants. Does a pair of knickers a dependant make? NO, it requires more knickers please.

    Merci GL. Tres sympa

    Comment by Ms Robinson | March 9, 2008 | Reply

  3. We are seriosely frustrated. It’s time to go now, but the support is hard to reach.

    Comment by WilliamRamsai | June 25, 2011 | Reply

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