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Happy New Year – 2015

2014 was a bit sucky for GL. I wish I could say 2015 looks better but so far there’s no joy job hunting: moving to the countryside looks good on those dozy TV shows but in reality the rural economy is very weak. Still, plough on.

On the plus side we have a new sprog coming in May, which will be a lovely thing. Children really are a blessing and my 2 year old cheers me up no end with his enthusiasm.

Also I plan to start a coding blog. I often want to put hacking stuff on here but it would look a bit odd in an ex-lawyer’s blog so I haven’t. A new geeking blog will allow me to get stuff off my chest.

Merry New Year!!

Update: coding blog at: DavidTheBugWriter


January 9, 2015 Posted by | personal | 3 Comments