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Podcast with Charon

Geeklawyer just did a podcast with Charon on filesharing – among other topics. The sound is awful at Geeklawyer’s end and that is his fault not CharonQC’s, but it is still a good listen.

Hear it here.


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New Bliar ‘Sycophant’ website

I have just spotted this site parodying a certain other blog. Jolly funny.

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irrepressible as ever, Geeklawyer returns

In case you were wondering what happened to my real blog, the fans of TonyBlair have launched a rather miserable Denial of Service attack on my blog. I’m intending to deal with that as soon as I get time but in the interim I’m using this temporary blog at WordPress. WordPress generally know how to deal with DOS attacks so I hope it will survive a little longer.

It is of course deeply amusing that all the sycophants at keeptonyblairforpm have railed on me: impotently and laughably accusing me of being an al Queda supporter opposed to Western values. Values such as free speech which they now seek to deny me. The buffoonish BlairSupporter can barely contain his smirking at the DOS attack which I am guessing he organised.

Had they bested me in an argument they wouldn’t be doing this: but the dim and inarticulate inevitably resort to force when humiliated in a free debate.

Frankly I find it all amusing more than annoying, but since my readers are loyal I feel obliged to indulge them in this temporary literary morsel until I can find time to restore the old blog.

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