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A *real* bill of rights – circumventing the Executive

Henry Porter at the Observer has written a magnificent piece on the government’s castration of rights and liberties. Some of his insights that Geeklawyer thought were his alone:

Parliamentary democracy is a sham: the Executive pwns Parliament because of whipping and candidate selection by parties.

A genuine bill of rights could be embedded in an unwritten or written constitution to make Executive abuse problematic.

‘rights and responsibilities’  a phrase much in vogue among government asserts that rights are those given by the government as a favour and for which one pays with ‘responsibilities’.

Unelected judges are a safeguard for the citizen. It is an unelected judiciary, not vulnerable to bigoted populism, that will stand the best chance of stemming Executive excess.

Well worth a read.

March 9, 2008 Posted by | civil liberties | 16 Comments