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Skiing chatup lines

 Geeklawyer is a bit hot with the ladies and he did look with some amusement at this article. It illustrates different nationalities approach to chatup lines. Hugely embarrassing is the British approach:

“On the plane was a conspicuously attractive Spanish attendant, who was receiving a great deal of attention from the Brits at the back. The Brits had calculated that if they ordered as much booze as possible from her, then with every repeat order, they would get more confidence and therefore another opportunity to charm her with their self-deprecation.”

Of especial interest was the comment:

Katherine says. “In comparison with Poms, I have met a heap of English guys who are wittier, and that’s a bit of a winner with Aussie girls, I think.”

Geeklawyer now has two Ozzie stalkers so knowing how to cool their understandable ardour, without having his bunnies killed, is a matter of self-preservation.

None of this is relevant to fidelity: Geeklawyer may shag like a rabbit on Viagra but he expects his bitch hoes to remain faithful and pine. Or else…


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Ubiquitous? has described Geeklawyer as ubiquitous. Geeklawyer had always thought omnipotent was better. It ponders that he must not get much work done. Had he not known better he’d would have sworn that that line was written by my failed co-blogger. In fact nothing could be further from the truth. Geeklawyer works massively fast – tho’ work is a little light at the moment it’s true. Apart from that he is disappointed that his mention on the column doesn’t really amount to much more than this comment. Ho hum.

Simon Myerson does a good review of the site.

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