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Freedom of Assembly

If you are a little sick of the state of the right to protest in this country – given that you can be forbidden to protest near Parliament unless the police are, effectively, happy and give you permission to do so on terms they can set, then do something about it on March first: attend this rally (link via Melonfarmers).

Yea, protests are old fashioned but there’s nothing on telly anyway so WTF.


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Terrorist not really a terrorist says loony psycho, terrorist friendly, terrorist judge

Geeklawyer, along with his mates at the keepblairforpm website, have long decried the ‘enemy within’: the lawyers liberal meeja, and judiciary who have a secret agenda to undermine our beloved land of St George.

These scum would compel us to wake at 6.30 every morning and turn to face Mecca and worship Satan, or ‘the Prophet Mohammed’ as muslims prefer to call him.

Now, this heavenly mission is being frustrated by a traitor in their midst. A judge, so low than one can barely refer to him as “Justice” Collins, has deliberately released an undoubtedly guilty man knowing full well that he intends, following one lawyer’s site’s advice, to assassinate Tony Blair, the Queen, all of Parliament and the every child at the School for Handicapped Children at Hailsham East Sussex.

It is political correctness gone mad Geeklawyer says.

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Is that mp3 player loaded?

Geeklawyer chuckled somewhat when he read to Metro story about some poor chump who made the mistake of holding his black mp3 player with both hands causing some nervous nellie to think it was a pistol. Much panic was then caught when he was arrested at gunpoint after police chased the bus down. As he was listening to music he couldn’t hear their challenge and reached for the player to turn it off so he could hear. How that didn’t end up in him being shot is hard to fathom. He is clearly the luckiest man in London. Lucky he isn’t a Brazilian electrician, or a Muslim.

What was outrageous was that having reased what was going on the police still insisted on arresting him and taking his DNA which will now be kept permanently along with a record of his arrest for suspected arms offence. Nice.

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Thought policing nailed by the Court of Appeal

There are a lot of nutjobs out there: Simple Sam, BlairSupporter and any number of Islamic loonies. Many of them are undeniably potentially dangerous but the Court of Appeal’s decision to remove the criminalisation thought and ‘mere preparatory’ acts from the Terrorism Act 2000 has to be applauded.

From now on there has to be a need to show an intent to do something. Just downloading or sharing something nasty or silly from the Internet isn’t enough. The law was presaged on the intent of the police to criminalize documents that might radicalise Muslim youth. Like most knee jerk legislation it wasn’t really thought through: it as never going to ‘nip in the bud’ any supposed radicalization process but it did criminalise curiosity and research. As is usual it was picking at symptoms rather than dealing effectively with the real but hard issues.

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