The Squat

Geeklawyer’s temporary chambers

Ubiquitous? has described Geeklawyer as ubiquitous. Geeklawyer had always thought omnipotent was better. It ponders that he must not get much work done. Had he not known better he’d would have sworn that that line was written by my failed co-blogger. In fact nothing could be further from the truth. Geeklawyer works massively fast – tho’ work is a little light at the moment it’s true. Apart from that he is disappointed that his mention on the column doesn’t really amount to much more than this comment. Ho hum.

Simon Myerson does a good review of the site.


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For those not familiar with the arcana of the Bar a ‘squat’ is the name given to the chambers from which a barrister operates when he is without a tenancy. Connoting nothing illegal one may think of it as a sort of purgatory, but lasting longer and less well paid.

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