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Rather shitty day.

It’s been an eternity coming but today I lost my case against the MPA members. The High Court held me liable for infringing the copyrights of MPA and tortiously conspiring to injure their interests by unlawful means. Shitty and unnecessary: someone I regarded as a trustworthy colleague fucked me over to save himself. Hardly nice even if it was understandable: had he not done so he and I would have been fine. Like a lot of clever people Chris Elsworth was prone to dumb choices. As it is I now owe the MPA £1.3million, HMRC £1.3 million & much more to come. I’m searching for my cheque book.

Life moves on. I will be bankrupted by this but I am planning my comeback. I’ve always had a fascination with Usenet, long before  I met & then bought Newzbin, and  I intend to develop technology to update Usenet and make it suitable for the 21st century & hopefully more generally popular. My other obsession is privacy technology and securing Internet chat (somewhat ironically) against government surveillance . And I am hoping to get a beta of my secure email service running soon.




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The blog returns!

Many of you wept inconsolable tears of grief when the old blog shuttered its doors several years ago. This tragedy was forced on GL by necessity: he had his anonymity stripped from him in an egregious abuse of privacy by ne’er do wells in the film industry. His controversial and contrarian scribblings were being used to portray his character in an accurate light. You can imagine how unfortunate that was.

But. He is back. And still in the third person.

The new blog will still engage in ranting but, inevitably, will be less … intemperate, and with less alcohol fuelled rage. Since GL is no longer a practicing lawyer the contents will reflect a more varied life than he had hitherto: film & restaurant reviews, motoring, photography geekery, and pretty much any other ephemera that flits across GL’s horizon.

It may not be possible to resurrect any of the old blog posts from the old site and add them to this site but if it is possible it will be done.



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Geeklawyer film reviews

Yes, what the flying fuck does this have to do with law? Nothing. Report me to the Bar Council.

Sweeney Todd.

One of Geeklawyer’s punters (one of only two who knows he writes this blog) described him as “a bit brutal“; there was the question about whether a note he had drafted to be handed up to the High Court judge was going to upset him a bit by it’s aggressive tone. Genuinely perplexed Geeklawyer thought it a masterpiece of subtle understatement doing no more than hinting that his Lordship may ultimately incur the displeasure of the Court of Appeal. Such an assessment has been made before of Geeklawyer and equally unfairly.

So, you may not be entirely surprised that Geeklawyer thought Sweeney Todd was blindingly terrific. Exquisitely acted, beautifully filmed and composed and musically great: Depp does a magnificent duet with Judge Turpin in the Barber’s chair. Johnny Depp apparently say’s that he can’t sing. Bollocks.

Based, it seems, on a Sondheim musical it takes a different tack from other versions of the play. Johnny Depp is a barber who is whisked away to Australia for a crime he didn’t commit so that the evil Judge Turpin (Alan Rickman) may have his wicked way with the pretty wife. Todd makes his way back after 15 years in the hell that is Australia and the fun begins.

Geeklawyer recalls seeing other versions of this play. The BBC did an astonishingly good version early last year with Ray Winston equally good and deeply but differently textured.

The theme of the play is irony and the cancerous malevolence of revenge. Nonsense of course. Revenge is the emotion that distinguishes us from the apes – not the ability to use a fucking knife and fork. But revenge should not, contrary to the old saying, be cold, but rather as hot fresh and salty as gushing arterial blood.

The film is all about profound tragic love and the ultimate doom of fate crossed lovers. So, somewhat like Romeo and Juliet, it’s a chick flick.

But a chick flick with throat slitting. How cool is that? This is one film you can take some totty to see at the cinema and pretend to cry at the sad ending, while secretly reveling in the sanguinary tide of crimson love juice.

Oh yes, there will be razors.

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